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Super Mario Racing

Description: It took long but Mario and his friends establish some friendship. In time, most of them become friends thus there were no more fighting. Even Bowser decided to throw away his grudge against the brothers and started his friendship with them. As time passes by, they notice that they are getting tired of one another as they spent many hours together to make a stronger bonding relationship. They need something exciting an there is nothing else exciting than a race. This would make their friendship a little less exciting. This race would bring together old friends and make happy memories as they know that happy memories is what truly makes a strong friendship.

Though, they don’t have much to offer as a price, they joined in to have some happy thoughts. This is just a friendly game and thus, you don’t need to cheat in this game. Seriously!, since some of their friends are a natural when it comes to that, Mario knows that they can’t step away from that and decided that those things would be available in the game to make things more exciting than it is. Those weapons of choice are not to be use to hurt people, but it would definitely slowdown their rival in the race. Besides all of them want to win it and no one would let the other win it.

The idea in this game is to win the race. There are three laps in each game and you need to win it. Well at least, you need to maintain your position to make sure that you are able to win the game. If you can’t do that than just make sure that you come on top at the third lap. This would assures your victory in that level. The game gets better and better. Of course, it also becomes harder and harder to challenge your driving skills.

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