At one point in our life we like sweets. Eating candies gives us that sweet taste that we long for as a child. Some people might not like sweets because they have a condition known as diabetes wherein their blood sugar rises. When their blood sugar rises, they would be prone to a lot of health problem and that is what they don’t like sweets. However, most kids don’t have this problem as they are too healthy to be problematic about that. Eating candies gives us the feeling of satisfaction and they are able to give that happy feeling.

They are considered as a food treat since they offer that sweet taste that many food don’t have. They are not important food as most of these candies don’t have nutritional value. Actually, you can live by without eating candies in your life. In the past, there are no candies as people just eat meat and vegetable, which gives them the energy they needed to get by the day. Candies can also offer energy boost to like regular food and they can be available immediately after being eaten. The main ingredient in this sweet is sugar, which can give us immediate energy. However, too much of anything is bad for us as such we might have diabetes in the end.

In this game, you don’t need to eat candies as you just need to play it. The game is played with a mouse and the idea here is to bring down those stacks of candies. There are several candies piled together and you would need to line up those candies that are alike to bring down the candies. The game have a timer so you would need to bring it down fast. Once the time is over then the game is over too. The timer doesn’t restart on every level as it is continuous.
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