Billy and Jimmy Lee grew up together studying martial arts in the same dojo. The two are the best of friends and they would protect one another. If one of them is in danger then you can bet on it that the other one would come to his rescue. That is how, they are and no one can separate them. Well, except their girlfriends. They love their girlfriends and they don’t want anything bad to happen to them. Both of them would come if the other’s girlfriend is in trouble. With their martial arts, they would defeat anyone of the street. When Billy’s girlfriend got kidnap by the gang, Jimmy goes with Billy to retrieve his girlfriend. The crime-lord got interested in Billy’s girlfriend, thus, he want her for himself. Billy won’t give up easily and would even risk his neck just to save her. Abobo, one of the gang member is the one of the high-ranking officials of the gang tries to stop them and beat them up. But, he can’t do anything about the two since the two are one off the best in martial arts. Shuko, the crime lord got tired and pays them a visit. That is where all hell has gone loose. In this game, you can play in two player mode or one player mode. Of course, you would play in the same keyboard. Don’t worry about the controls as it would b shown on the screen. The idea here is to beat your opponents. You need to beat your opponent as fast as you can since there is more where that came from. However, you won’t see more enemies unless you move. You can either punch or kick your opponent to beat them. You can also use the flying kick and the round house to beat your opponent.
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