When we were young, we have a wild dream of becoming something that we could not be. Wheely and his girlfriend decided to go to the movie one day to have some fun. While watching the movie, the two fell asleep and when Wheely woke up, he is inside the movi3e, wherein he is a knight. Wheely wants to get out of there, but the only way to do that is pass through each story and that won’t be easy since each story got different quest and you might not be able to figure it out at first. While inside, he found a tournament, wherein he would have a chance to marry the princess if he would win the joust.

The princess was so beautiful that Wheely become in love with her, so he decided to win the hand in marriage. He won the joust, but a dragon flew by and kidnapped the princess, so Wheely got nothing in the end. He is determined to rescue the princess, so he followed the king to his castle and see if he could convince him to help him in his quest. It was hard for Wheely to do that since the guard won’t let him enter. He have to use his brain to be able to get in.

IN this game, the idea is to rescue the princess, who got captured by the old dragon. To do this, you need to embark on a lot of quest and all of this quest would need you to use your brain. Each level would be different and you would need to figure out what the quest is all about before you make a move. You need to do it right or you would never advance in the game. Do you think that you can help Wheely make it to the final.
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