Aliens are real and they are living among us, hiding and most of them don’t want to get expose since some scientist might conduct an experiment on them. They might get sliced a get died at the center. They are not that sinister like most television and movies that always portray them. They just want to live in peace and want to live their life as a free alien. They’re here not to rule over us, but just to enjoy a quiet life as Earth is among the most popular destinations in the galaxy. There is no need to run away from them as most are probably of getting expose to the main public.

At least, that is what Wheely find out when he encountered an alien. One after noon as he and his girlfriend go on a trip to enjoy their time together. They got hungry from enjoying their time, so decided to cook something. They fire up the gas stove that they bring on their camping trip. Suddenly a mysterious object flew from the sky and landed close to their camp. It was then that they realize that those are aliens, but they are not alike those in the movies as they are friendly. They ask Wheely and his girlfriend for some help, which the two are gladly to give.

This game is played with a mouse and the idea here is to find a way to get moving. Also, you might want to get the tory car and the small car because that would give you an extra point. You need to know what to do in this game because doing it wrongly would mean that you are ending the game. It means that you don’t get it and there won’t be anymore. This game would made you use your brain as you need to figure out how to help our heroes in the game.
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