Baby Mario

We all know Mario as the one hero of the Mushroom Kingdom. He came from Brooklyn and went to the kingdom from down under to defeat the tyrant, but do we know the story of his childhood. No one knows that before since everyone was focusing on how great the hero was. He has gone older and no one ever asked him about what happened when he was just a baby. Mario was quite an adventurist even when he was young as he manage to explore the Mushroom kingdom when he was just an infant. No one knows how he ends up on that place, but, his granny knows the story since she was the one taking care of baby Mario when all that happened.

In her story, Mario was just a baby when he has fallen to an open sour pipe in the city. They were too worry about the baby and began a searched party. Back then, there was no Princess Toadstool since she hasn’t been born yet. The bay was quite attracted to the place and began exploring upon falling to the Mushroom world. Everything was new and th3e dangers are already there. Back then Kuppa was still a young dragon, who was quite naughty. He and Mario met one another; they didn’t know each other, but, they don’t care about anything, but to have some fun so they play all day. Mario was lucky enough to find his way home somehow.

In this game, the idea is to get to the finish line safely. This is not a race and there won’t be any timer, but just like the other Mario games, you would encounter some kuppa underlings. To get rid of them, you just step on them like in the rest of the Mario franchise.