Bomb It 7

Bomber Man is one of the most popular characters in the gaming world a long time ago and he is a legend since he started the whole bomb game thing. Since then, many have followed and all of them tried to be like him since he is a legend and as such he is one of the icon and hero of many. When the bad guys returned after so many years, Bomber Man was away, but his protegees are here to stop them. Once again, their plans are put to a stop and they would need to make a plan to destroy the bomb squad. Yes, these are the bombing squad since they are the ones, who carry on the legacy of Bomber man.

As they defeated the balloon guys, the squad are in a deep argument on who is the one that would wear the mantle of their hero, Bomberman and thus; a rival began between the protegees. No one would be willing to give way and all of them want to be the unsung hero one day. Each one of them want to be the new Bomberman, so they try to get rid of one another until only one is left and he would be declared as the new Bomberman.

In this game, you would be pitted against the other Bombermans. You need to get rid of them as fast as you can since they would try to do the same to you. As you bomb your way to destiny, you would find some power-ups which would help you win in the battlefield. Each Bomberman are wise and you need to outsmart them. They would try to trap you with bombs and that is something that you must do yourself to win the game.