Bomber Man in Mario World

Bomber Man was minding his business as he has many enemies in his side of the world. Not knowing that this would change since he would be transported to a far away place for unknown reasons and why. It happen, but there is no explanation, he just woke up one day without any of the blocks that he would blow on a daily basis. As he explores the area, he learned that is was Mario;s place wherein the evil Kuppa rules. The problem here is mario is missing and somehow Bomber man need to save this world if he wants to get back to his world.

As he explores the area, he found out that he is entirely in a different situation as he can't use his bomb like the way that he already used to back in his world. Here, he needs to throw them at enemies and even step on them to defeat them. This is an entirely ball game as it is far different from the one that he got used to. Nevertheless, there is a villain that he need to defeat in this world and he need to do it fast as it would destroy him.

In this game, Mario is gone and Bomber Man is the one that can be played here. The idea of the game is to get to the castle as fast as you can, but we all know that it is not that easy. There are lots of danger in the area. You got those enemies patrolling the area and there would be lots of pitfalls in Mario land. To defeat the enemies, you can either throw a bomb at them or step at them. The game gets harder and more difficult as you make some progress.