Cat Mario

What if Mario is just a cat, who loves spaghetti? In an alternate universe far beyond the world we know, Mario is a cat who likes spaghetti. He and his brothers are plumbers and they like their job since they don’t have much of a choice. They never finished their study and now, they can’t go to school since they are already old and they need the cash to feed themselves and buy anything that they need. They are not rich and they need to work hard to be able to feed themselves. Such fate is just common for most people.

In this reality, they found a way to a different world that is ruled by King Kuppa. The king is a tyrant and there is a princess that asked for their help. The princess was a lovely cat, so the brothers can’t say no to her. They know that they need to save the world, so they embarked on a journey and traveled into a new world. They know that it won’t be easy, but something needs to be done or the people of the Mushroom kingdom would be in danger forever. The tyrant must be stop and only the two brothers can do that.

This game is just like the game that your parents enjoy, but it got a twist as the brothers are now cats. The game works like the old game, but the characters are different. Somehow, it is hard to identify all of the enemies in this game since they are drawn differently. However, it would be as exciting as ever since the gameplay is just the same. If you like the old game and is getting tired of it then this game would bring back the excitement in your life.

Are you ready for a Cat Mario game?