CG Mario Level Pack

Mario was just a plumber that got caught in the crazy world of the Mushroom Empire. The Empire was ruled by the tyrant King Kuppa and his subjects didn’t like him much because of his tyranny. When he got there, he got some help from the Mushroom people and the princess. Overtime, he found out a way to bring his brother to the land and thus, Luigi helped him defeat the tyrant. They got some crazy adventures together and their name was forever engraved in the minds of the people. As time passes, they become heroes and decided to leave there.

When they defeated King Kuppa, Bowser become angry and decided to make war with them. Bowser is the younger brother and he is much stronger and much cruel between the two brothers. This has pose problems between the Mario brothers, but they won’t give up the fight because they know that others would join the fight. Like his brother, Bowser was a tyrant and therefore, the citizen of the Mushroom kingdom didn’t want him. Princess Peach use this to get the sympathy of the people against the tyrant. She knows that with the help of the Mario brothers, Bowser would also fell down someday.

IN this game, the idea is just like most Mario game wherein, you would need to reach the flag and pull it down. However, the journey to get there is a dangerous one. You would need to pass several obstacles on your path. Of course, you would get some boost from the mushroom, which would make you bigger and the flower that can charge you up to throw fire balls at your enemy, but it won’t be enough as you would need to be careful sine the game is all about that. The game harder and more challenging as you make some progress.