Contra Commando

A mysterious object drops form the sky, killing lots of people. The government got alarmed since it might have something that could wipe out the people from the faces of Earth. It turns out that it did have something. It is an alien ship carrying lots of alien with it. Its goal is total domination, one which that could wipe us all out from the face of this planet. Bill and Lance is the operative hired to eliminate the threat since they are the best of the best. They are the ones that we could rely upon if something needed to be done. The aliens quickly created a base on one of the island in this planet. They have a fortified defense system and most soldiers can’t get in since they are killed the moment they even set their eye on it. Someone that could destroy the alien base needs to be quick, strong and agile in order to avoid getting killed easily by the defense of the alien base. If nothing can be done then this might be the end of all humanity as the alien are preparing for a mas global war. One that would eliminate all of us human from the face of this planet. They like this planet, but they wouldn’t share it with anyone else. This game is one of the most popular games from the 90’s. Your parents surely knows about it since they have played it before. Actually, it is highly played and no one could say that they don’t like it since almost everyone is playing it at that time, except those in the slum area since they couldn’t afford it. The idea here is to kill all aliens and anything that they made. You need to get to the next level, so you need to stay alive most of the time.