Double Dragon

Jimmy and Billy Lee are brothers, who trained in martial arts ever since they were kids. Now, that they are older, they become masters of their arts. They love one another and when one is in danger, you can bet on it that the other one would come. These brothers are almost inseparable because they love one another and they share the same passion, martial arts. When the brothers got older, Jimmy got into a relationship with Marian while Billy focused on his martial arts training. One day, while Marian was down the street one of the thugs tried to harassed him, but she escape and went to on to complaint about it with Jimmy. Jimmy was angry and beat the hell out of the thug, who harassed Marian. The thug went to their boss and told him about Marian. The boss got interested on Marian and had her kidnapped, leaving a note for the two brothers. Jimmy knows that he can’t do it alone as there are lots of them, so he asked his brother, Billy to help him with the problem. Billy has no problem with it and eventually, they go to the hideout of the boss. There, they find out that everyone is waiting for them. This game is from the old Nintendo game of the same name. It was one of the most popular video games back in the 90’s. Pretty sure, your parents are among those kids who played this over and over since it was so popular back then. The idea of the game is to rescue Marian, who have been held hostage by the boss of the gang. There are many levels in this game, wherein you would need to battle several bad guys along with their boss. You only have a few moves in this game, which you would need to repeat over and over again.