Fatal Fighters

You are one of the peaceful tribe in the area. Everything was peaceful and quite till those berserkers barges in and demand everything that should be theirs. Even though, they don’t own the land and your tribe has been living there for centuries, still they are demanding for your tribe to pay them some alms. They claim the land for their own, but none of your tribe is brave enough to face them, all, except for you. The tribe’s only warrior and it is up to you to make sure that they can’t do whatever they pleases. These guys won’t back down from a fight, so you need to kill them all.

They are too many and obviously fighting without a plan wouldn’t work on them since they would just gang on you. Challenging them to a duel one by one would give you the chance to defeat them. Besides, they are fighters and fighters never back down from a fight. If ever, they back down then that would humiliate their tribe and that is something that they want to do. Whoever would fear a tribe that is the laughing stuff of the other tribes? Surely, no one would fear them anymore, thus, they can’t demand anything from the neighboring tribes.

In this game, you can’t just go there and fight someone. You need to have the power to do every move. In this game, you need to fill those bars first before you can do an action. The game is played with a mouse and the idea here is to fill those bars before doing anything. Same goes with the enemy, so you need not to worry about them. This is a thinking game since the more you think, the more your advantage would be. It would be easier for you to fill the bar if you are going to use your brain.