Final Fight

Haggar was the old champion of street fight, but that was a long time ago. He has retired from the scene ever since. Because of his reputation, he is well known by the citizen and as such; uses his popularity to win the candidacy for mayor when the seat was vacated. Now, that he is mayor, he has forgotten about the illegal fight and is now focusing his attention on what he could do to make his city safe against crime. A local gang didn’t like what he is doing and kidnap his daughter to make sure that they can shut him up. Cody, the girlfriend of the girl got furious and started to act on his own. He is also a street fighter and has won many times on the tournament. He got a friend called Guy that is very highly skilled ninjutsu practitioner. They can’t rely on the cops since the local gang got a lot of connection with the cops. Even if Haggar is the mayor of the town, it doesn’t mean that he can watch over his constituents all the time. There is no telling on who is under the paycheck of the gang. Together, the three of them decided to make their move and crack down the gang by themselves. The game is played with a keyboard and the idea here is to beat down your opponent. There would be many gang members that you need to beat up before you can get close to the boss. You need to beat them up as fast as possible since they would overcome your character. There is no way that you can beat them all while they are ganging up on you. The game becomes harder and more challenging as you make some progress.