G-Switch 3

Are you ready to be in a perfect adventure and big action? You will taste really affective adrenaline in this G-Switch 3 game! 

In this friv game, you will have an hero and you must keep going on the road with it. On the road, there will be so many dangerous things and you will see them just before approaching. The main target is; being alive and to avoid all these dangers. But how do you control your hero and how can you be away from all these dangers?

General Logic; You hero can walk or run on the roads which are on top or down. Gravity is not important for your hero; but it can't move on the air and disapper suddenly! So, you must stick on the roads every time.

Controll; Arrow keys will help you about keep moving. Up arrow and down arrow keys will help you too much.

Dangers; You will see turning gears on some pleaces and when you see them, you must change your direction on the roads. If you toch the gears, you will lose the game... 

Gswitch is waiting for you, for a big action...