Age of War 2

War is inevitable and you need to understand that we can’t prevent it. We can delay it, but never prevent it. We can’t help arguing with one another and this would lead to conflicts. When the conflict becomes global then there would be war. Let’s just hope that the country you are I is powerful enough to win against the opposing country. War has been going on since the dark ages for numerous reason, but one of the most popular is that the country want to expand their territories since that is where the big bucks are in. The bigger the territory, the bigger the income is.

A war would be continue as long as the other country would still be around and their rival need to know that in order to win it, you need to be the one to first advance to the future. Honestly, that is the secret to winning a war since you would have an access to better weaponry and whoever has it wins the war. It is not a secret as everyone knows that and they would fight for that. Your country is at war and as the supreme ruler, you need to make the right decision else, your country would fall. Surely, you know what comes next and that won’t be to your liking since they would pull you down and make you and your family pay.

IN this game, the idea is to win it and you need to do that by summoning some soldiers to your side. You make money in the process and you can use the money to either erect, upgrade or hire some soldiers. Either way, you need to understand that you need to win the war. The game is played with a mouse and every action involves a click of the mouse.