Age of Warriors

The Vikings are a group of savage tribes that needs to be wipe out since they are a danger to all the other tribes. They are good for nothing and therefore, other tribes fear them and as such have formed an alliance towards them. The savage tribe must be wipe out form the face of this planet as they serve nothing at all. However, they are also creation of god and need some respect. The Romans are ruthless in killing the Viking since they thought that they are doing the right thing, but what if they have done wrong. Is this righteous or they have gone beyond righteousness.

The Vikings have been dissembled and now living in different areas, so they can’t be fond and wipe out at once. At least, this would ensure that there would be more future of them. Their tribe needs to survive this and the leader hope that this strategy would make them survive. In time, the Vikings are forgotten, but the said tribe didn’t forgot what their parents have undergone just to save the future of the tribe. They still hold a grudge against the Roman Empire and is now panning an assault against one of the best kingdom in Europe.

The idea of this game is to conquer some land and preserve the conquered land. You need to defend your land from invaders. The game is played with a mouse and you would need to populate the gold mine with your people. Let them collect the gold and protect them against the Roman army. The workers can’t fight back, so you would need to send some of the warriors to do the battling for them. You would need to destroy the towers that have been killing our miners. Send your troops to the base of the enemy and let them destroy the enemy base.