Barbie Bike Ride

Barbie is so sweet and adorable that everyone seem to like her so much. Every day she would go out, she would greet everyone around her with a pleasing smile on her cheeks. It is a heartwarming sight to anyone that sees her beauty. They feel the warmth that her smile is emitting from her face. Anyone who sees her would all agree that she is one of the fairest fairy tale characters around. Barbie likes going out, but she can’t travel very far without her bicycle. It is tiring and took a lot on her since she is not that fit to begin with. She needs the bike as that would take her far even while spending a small portion of her strength.

Every day, she would ride her bike as that is the most enjoying thing that she could do in a great morning. A morning ride is what setting her mood right for that day. A cure girl riding a bike is hard to miss, but even them have their ups and down. More than likely, they would need to concentrate on the task at hand, in this case, the road as they might get an accident while driving. An accident can be prevented if Barbie concentrates her effort biking.

In this game, Barbie is out biking in the park and she sees some flowers and lovely thing that might distract from biking. It is your job to make sure that she won’t get an accident. You need to stay away from the hazards on the road and collect the flowers that you would see on the road. All you need to pass through them and you would get the flowers. There are no level in this game as this is a onetime play. After you finished the game, it is finished and you would need to play it again from the beginning.