Bloons Tower 4: Expansion

No one really know how it all started, but as far as we know those two are at war. Yes, I’m talking about those bloons and monkey. Those bloons might not have any brains as far as we know, but something is peculiar about the way they move. Moreover, they have been decimating places after places. It looks like that someone is controlling the shots here and people want to know what. To combat those deadly bloons, a group of scientists experimented on the monkeys to become ape of war. These guys are really built for combat as their main purpose is to pop those bloons.

However, as the monkeys were developed so are the bloons since there are even tougher bloons that come out. Whenever the monkeys would see those bloons, they go berserk and start popping those bloons. They know that should they fail to stop those bloons from entering the city, it would be disastrous. Besides, there are no more humans that would give them some bananas to feed on. For them, that is the scariest and they don’t want that to happen. Those bloons are really a pest as their number keeps on doubling somehow. No one knows what the reason behind it all is, but one thing is certain, they need to stop those bloons from entering the city.

In this game, the idea is to stop those bloons by popping them. Take note that these bloons would have a tougher cousin as time passes by. Each bloon that you popped would make you money and you can use the money to buy more defenders and you can use it also to upgrade your towers. You would need it in the coming rounds as the game gets tougher and much tougher by the second.