Bloons Tower Defense 5 Game

When the bloons first invaded the world, no one can fight against them. They are ruthless and would attack anyone that they come close to. So, that is what happened when they first appeared. Then came the brave monkeys to battle those balloons. We all thought that they are nothing more than harmless balloons, but these guys have a mind of its own and it is dangerous is we are going to live them alone. We never know when they are going to attack and where they would strike next. We tried the army to take care of them, but the army are no match against them.

It was then when the first monkey came to be. He was an experiment and when he saw the bloons, he gets into berserk mode and destroy it on the spot. That is when we know that we found something that could take care of the bloons. It seems that they are only the being that could fight these bloons as they immediately gets into battle the moment that they see the bloons. No one really knows what is going in their mind, but one thing that we are certain is that they are what we need in the fight against those bloons.

As time passes, humans experimented on more monkeys and they become super. Their senses are heightened. They can’t leaf a building in a single bound and cannot stop a bullet with their own body, but they can fight those bloons and that alone is enough for them to earn spot in the lives of people.

This game is played with a mouse and the idea here is to destroy those bloons before they can live the area. The game is played with a mouse and the way to ay this game is by assigned.