Cobra Squad Rescue Game

You are part of a elite group of soldiers and your orders are to secure one area after another. To do that, you would need to eradicate the enemies from that area. Once that you have done that then you are off to another area. Of course, this is not an easy job since you would need to train properly, but that is not the only concern since you would need lots of ammo. The enemy won’t have that problem, but you on the other hand would need to consider that. You can’t grab just grab their guns and just use it for your own.

Of course, you are a train4ed soldiers and so are the rest of your army, but the soldiers that you got is limited and you would need to consider that since you are going to be sent to enemy territories. They would come out of their hiding place one after another and you would need to fight it off. Remember that since they are trained soldiers, you would likely have a hard time so this won’t’ be an easy mission. The army would send more soldiers in time, but for now, you would need to strategize everything since you would be stuck with a few soldiers.

This game is played with a mouse and the idea here si survival. The game is played with a mouse and the way you play this is to put your solider to where you think it would be most effective. Remember that if they die immediately then you can’t move on the game. They would be stuck in the same position wave after wave, so you probably need to find them a good place to fight. IN time, you would be able to recruit more soldiers that you can use in the battlefield, but for now, you would have to settle with what you got.