Cobra Squad Rescue

The cobra squad is one of the most elite fighting groups in the world. They are a special force and they are sent in when the ordinary soldiers can’t handle the situation. The rebels are filled with feat every time this group is said to handle the situation. They are among the best soldiers of the world, thus, they have a reputation off making sure that the enemies would be eradicated. However, one time the group were sent to a remote location, the enemies are well prepared and killed some of the elite groups. Taking hostage some of the men and now they are in need of rescue themselves. Fortunately, there are fiercer group than them and now they would be sent to the battlefield.

After much thought, the group have been assembled and each one a master or its own. Each one of them has a specialization and the government would never send them off on their own since a one man army can’t handle the situation. The group might not be near perfect, but since their specialization varies, they can cover their weakness and that makes them a true cohesive unit.

In this game, you need to choose your army. You need to make it from scratch as in you would need to choose all of them. Each a member of your army kills an enemy, you would get some cash. And so, you would need that cash to buy a new recruit. Don’t forget to get them a weapon since they don’t come with their own weapon. The game is played with a mouse and you don’t need to move your units around the battlefield. All you need to do is to select them and placed them somewhere within the area. The game gets much more exciting as you make some progress.