Crush the Tower

The princess is being held hostage and it is against her will. The king has sent forth some of the best men in the castle and none of them are able to retrieve the princess. There are many trolls along the way and some bandits that kills the heroes that are sent by the king. The king is worried that his daughter would forever live in that tower. Alone and scared, she might go insane if no one is able to save her. Months have passed and there were no sight of her savior. Until one day, one brave man came forth in the presence of the kind and bow to save the princess. The kind was very delighted that he gave him the best weapons and horse in the palace. The king has high hopes and he is willing to pay for whatever price it would be just to save his daughter.

The stranger has only thing in his mind and that is to marry the princess. The king thought of it for second, since the stranger is handsome, the king finally agreed to the agreement. He would surely bring the king some beautiful kids someday. Also, the princess is in danger and this knight is willing to risk his life to save the princess.

This game is played with a mouse and the idea here is to crash the tower till you are able to save the princess from those trolls. The game is played with a mouse and you need to click on the tower till it crashes. With every click you make, the knight would wack the tower. The tower would be reduce to rubble as you make some advancement to the princess. The journey is long and dangerous. You are not sure that you would be able to do what is needed, but don’t lose hope as you would be greatly rewarded after all is done.