Cursed Treasure 2 Game

Our parents told us to be contented with what we have since we would never achieve total happiness if we aren’t’ satisfied with that we have. We might be rich and have everything, but if we are too greedy then we would never enjoy what we got. There is a time when a kingdom far away was ruled by the dark lord. He was so greedy that he want more. The orcs, demons and undead hated him so much that they would want to make an alliance just because they want to enjoy their treasures. They all decided that it would be safer if they would hide their treasures in caves, the greedy humans found it and that is where all things get loose.

The case is clear now as the Queen wants a ring in her finger and he wants the treasure that the 3 elements are hiding. The king wants to make her queen happy and he would use everyone just to get it, even if it means that he would need to sacrifice every human on earth. Night and day, they didn’t care since the king can do what he wants and he would send everyone to the battlefield. The inhabitants are well protected inside the wall and they would use that to their advantage.

This game is played with a mouse and the idea here is to save the treasures. You would need to erect some towers around it to protect it well from those nasty humans. You would earn some money doing that and you would need it to erect towers or upgrade an existing ones. Your forces are composed of the orcs, demons and undead. You would need to mix them well since all of them has their own capability. You would need to think it out to come out with the best solution.