Cut the Ropes

Rabbits love their food very week, but the food that they love the best is the carrot. They would go crazy for it anytime. At some point, they might do even some crazy things. They like to eat any vegetable and would dig some root crops from your garden when you are not there to guard it. This is why most farmers consider them as a pest. Their meet is really exquciting and would make you want more. The problem with their meat is that it doesn’t have any fat in them. Most hunters even eat their brain since that contains the fat. There is a term such as meat poisoning, which only means that you would die from eating too much meat.

The little rabbit has been waiting for days for the carrot to fell down his mouth, but that won’t happen for his lifetime. If no one is to interfere then there is no chance that he can eat at al. Chances are that he would die from too much hunger since he would never eat the carrot if he is just to wait there for it to fell. Something must happen for the carrot to fell though his mouth and the rabbit can’t help himself.

This game is played with a mouse and the idea here is to cut the ropes so that the carrot would fell through the mouth of the rabbit. You would need to do it fast since time is at the essence here. You would get less points if you can’t do it quickly. You need to use your brain here since that carrot needs to fell right through the mouth of the rabbit else, you would fail the game. The game gets even more challenging as you make some progress since that is how things goes with these type of games.