Dead Paradise

You got a great job and you are paid well. There is nothing that you can ask for more since all of the luxury in life is within your reach. You are happy and contented with your life and you are planning to be married soon to your girlfriend. Little did you know that on that day, something would happen that might change your life? A nuclear weapon was launch and no one was expecting it. Thousands of lives died that day and it is one event that would remain in the memory of many since most of their love ones died that day. 10 years after, your life has fully change since you are not working for a company now. You are more of a lone wolf and you grab what you can get on the streets.

The world is much dangerous and there are vagabonds anywhere you go. You won’t be safe if you go out the streets and you know that. It is just that, you need to since you need to make some cash. Despite the danger, you need to make some cash and nothing can stop you. There is not much of a choice since you can’t go nowhere without any danger.

This game is set in the future, wherein dangerous time is at hand. You know that you need to fight back if you want to leave further. There is danger everywhere and you need to equip your car with weapons. If you aren’t’ going to do that, then you would just endanger yourself. In this game, you need to go further and arrive at a safe point. Grab anything that you can grab as you can use it later on. More likely, you can buy some upgrades with the money that you make.