Decision Medieval

Armies of the undead are waking up and this is causing some trouble to the citizen. It is very alarming, concerning that it is juts the Middle Ages and people aren’t of these things. They are feasting on the people and the king can’t take no more of this, he needs to take action now or his subjects would be no more and he would rule no more for sure. His men can’t do much so he ask a specialist to deal with the undead. The specialist came and has been dealing with the undead. He is slowly growing his experience and has become good at doing his job.

As he slowly retrieve the quarters, e fund out that the threat is not only those undead since there are orcs as well. They too are terrible and has been harassing the citizen, though, they are not eating the citizens, and they would kill any citizen since they want to claim the land as their own. In short, they have become a threat to the lives of the people and would need to be dealt with. Dark times have risen, many evil creatures have been let loose upon the ancient kingdom. As one of the greatest bounty hunters in the kingdom, this is an opportunity for you earn a big sum of money.

This game is played with the mouse and keyboard; the idea here is to eliminate the threats in the castle. You need to defeat all of them before you can call it quits. Buy some upgrades if you have too since it would help you for your missions. The threat would become as you increase the productivity of the mines, but you can counter that with increasing the defense in the quarter. The game gets better and better as you play the game.