You have been waiting for eh big ball game all year long and now that it finally came, your problem is that you don’t have enough money. You have been thinking on how you can watch the game and now, an answer has been revealed. You can watch it and get paid at the same time. There is an opening on Papa’s Dogeria and they need some staff to fill in the vacancy. This is a great way to earn money this summer while watching the whenever there are no customers. This would not only fill your pocket, but your eyes as well.

You immediately go to the shop and got the job. You told yourself that at least you can watch the game while you are at it. However, things are not that easy since you need to do your job first. The customers are coming in and they want their order or they would leave the shop. You need to fulfill your duty as you don’t get paid for watching the game. Besides you really need the money and the game would always be there for the season. You have a job and you need to prove that you are just right for the job. If you lose this job then you might not go to school next semester.

This game is played with a mouse and the idea here is to fulfill the order of the customers. You need to take their order and do what they like for their hotdog. You will earn some money for doing the job, regardless of the customer being solidified. Of course, you know that you will earn more if you are going to satisfy them. The game gets more challenging as there would be more customer as you make some progress. The game would tot end as it would continue on regardless of how you do in the game.