Harlem Shake in Army

The first thing that you need in the army is discipline and you would learn that you need to be serious else, you would be suffering from its consequences. In the army, you need to have discipline since the one that is commanding you would expect that from you and thing else. It means total obedience, when they say to stay quiet on the line, you need to do it else, there would be consequences. The officers would be strict on their command since they are treated that way too and has helped them to improve their attitude towards life. They want to do the same thing to you since they want you to be totally like them when it comes to discipline.

Discipline must be implemented since people are depended upon us and they are expecting us to act like real soldiers who would protect them from anything. If you are now okay with that then you can implement the law as part of the military forces because everyone else is okay with that. The army doesn’t need you if you are not able to abide to heir rules. Being a soldier is not just a job, but is a lifestyle and thus you need to be discipline all the time. Officers are the one who honed the cadets so when they got out of the camp, they would be ready for anything.

This game, you need to hit any soldier that would be dancing in the line of duty since that would not be permitted in real life. Imagine a soldier that acts funny. Surely that would be a bad mage upon the other soldiers. This game would be played with a mouse and the idea is to hit any soldier who is dancing, You can do that with the mouse.