People like to play Friv Games, because there are too many different type of Friv games. Some of them are about carsi some of them are about figths, some of them are about sports. Headball is one of the best and popular friv games in the world. Just because of its popularity, new head ball games were also made by the gamers. For now, you can check the first version of headball here...

With your mouse, you can select your team among the English football clubs. Arsenal, Chelsea, Man. United or others... Then, your head ball hero will be visible on the pitch. You will be agains other clubs and the first aim is getting the league cup. By the way, you will achive some targets. For example, score in 5 minutes or kick the against player to inside his goal. For all these things, you need to control arrow keys and space bar only. Space bar is for kicking the ball. You can also jump with up arrow key... Now, just check this Friv Game.