Hot Dog Bush

Bush was once the president of the United States and h did good during his term. He like what he does and he can’t think of doing another job, but all thing goes to an end. That happen4d to the best and Bush can’t do something about that. When the time come, he didn’t know what to do since he have been a president of long that he doesn’t know other job. Fortunately, he was able to save some money, which he planned to start his business with. He was sitting all alone when the idea hit him. He would be a hot dog seller and it doesn’t need expertise.

It is not something that would need his expertise, but he isn’t’ good at anything other than being the president of the united States. When he was replaced by another one, he didn’t’ know what to do and have nothing else to do. He needed to find a new job or a business since his money won’t be able to support him for too long. It is not important if the job is a cron job as he needed the money. What is important for him, is that he is able to provide for his family and he isn’t robbing anyone.

This game is played with a mouse and the idea here is to serve the customers. You need to act fast since there are lots of customers and they would leave you if you can’t serve them fast. The idea here is to cook the hot dog and put it on the bun. You need to make sure that it isn’t overcooked as the customers wont’ like it. You need to take down if they want something on the hot dog or not. You failed the game if you can't reach the target money at the end of the level.