Incursion 2

They have come from the North. They have been bothering the people, but the Ancient People have stand up against the evils. And they are able to succeed. The world was peaceful for hundred years, but that peace didn’t last long as they evil once again return to plague the lands. Targa Wrathbringer was busy battling the demons that time. The demon wants the Sacred Grove as they know that would determine if they would win this time. Targa wasn’t alone in this quest as aside from his loyal soldiers, he also got some help from his longtime friend, who is a sharpshooter and deadly with his arrow.

The Gorge Bridge is the last bridge that holds the evil of darkness from advancing and they want to seize it for obvious reason. Later on as they press on with the mission, they learned that it is a trap, but it was too late as they have already crossed. Meanwhile, most of the armies are on the other side. The trees are moving and it really looks scary, but wait, they are on our side and the promised to vanquish the evil that lies beneath. It is a good news to learn that we have the support of the other side too. Thanks to the efforts of Targa and his friend, they were able to succeed but the bowman was badly injured so Targa need to left without him.

IN this game, the idea is to wipe out the enemies. You have your soldiers to command and you would need to assign them to different locations to be most effective. It would help if you know now the best location to ambush your enemies as that is what the game is all about. The game become better and better as you play it more.