For a long time, the world is at peace and that is something that everyone could appreciate. However, peace didn’t last long as the monsters come forth bringing darkness and chaos in everything they laid upon. The king can’t find a hero that would save them from chaos, so he take it upon himself to battle the evil forces that are upon the world. He assembled his own army that would fight the evil that no one seems to handle. The king know that they can prevail somehow as it doesn’t take a hero to save his kingdom. His kingdom needs a brave king that is ready to fight for the people. That is enough for them.

His army is not that big, but all of his army are ready to fight for the kingdom no matter what happens to them. They know that they would die someday, but at least they would die trying to get rid of the evil forces that seems to haunt the people of the kingdom. Even if they die, their children would know their bravery as it would be told generations after generations.

This might look like the popular strategy game Kingdom Rush, but this one is very different since it focuses on the individual. Erecting a tower doesn’t mean that you would be able to summon all the forces. You would need to buy them one by one base on how you would like it. There are no hero in this game as it depends only on the tower that you would erect. It's important to select a waylay point for your troops to gather. The nice thing is it doesn't have to be on the road. You can also use some hotkey to better play the game making it much easier to control.