Keeper of the Grove 2

The forest holds a lot of secret and some treasures as well. These treasures are nothing like the treasures that the pirates are after since these treasure hold immense amount of energy in them. It can be harvested and use to fight for good or evil. Whoever owns the gems holds the power in their hand and the protector of the forest used these gems. When the monsters found out about it, they thought that it would shift the balance of power in their side. They need these gems and they would do anything to have it. They don’t care how dangerous it would be since this would mean war and so the world would not be the same again after that.

The protectors’ holds the advantage as they hold the gems in their hands, but that is not for long as the monster are planning to steal it. They know that they would be overpowered, but they got numbers in their hands and they would use it to the fullest. The gem protectors know this and they would do anything in their power to make sure that doesn’t happen. The evil monsters won’t give up as they dream of becoming the rulers of the land, air and sea someday.

This game is played with a mouse and the idea here is to make sure that the gems wont’ fall in the hands of the evil ones. You need to knock them out before they can get to the gems or at least knock them out before they scape with the gems. When you hover the mouse over the gems, they would return to their rightful place. The game gets harder and more challenging as you make some progress, but you don’t need to be worried since you can access more powerful troops on your arsenal.