Kingdom Rush

The king has learned that some orcish are planning to siege the castle. Thankfully, he is fully prepare since he had learned of it early. He is able to make some plans to stop the orcs from capturing the castle. For sure, it would not end well for the citizen when the orcs takes over. War has been declared and the orcs are getting some reinforcements from other dark races. The best way to stop the orcs is at Twin River Pass. However, that won’t be easy since the way there is block. Reports has it that there are more enemies marching to the castle.

After several days of travel, you and your face arrive at the capital city. This is the time to make a stand. AS an addition to the specialize units, the king has sent some wizards to join the fight. The fight was getting hotter as the dark forces seems to have some witches n their dies. They have some powerful beings joining them and forces of light don’t know what to do. The forces of light need some additional forces as it is getting clear that the enemy would be harder to control on their own. Now, a safe passage must be created to make way for the army.

The idea here is to stop the enemy from going to the road. There are lots of ways to do that, but you would surely need someone that would halt the enemy form advancing, so that your other troops can fire at will. You would need the barracks for that since that is the only troops that does that. The game would be harder to beat as you make some progress. You should focus more on upgrading since that is the only way that you can win against this game.