Made in Mafia Game

You didn’t finish college so looking for a job is hard. The fact is that it is already hard for someone who finished college since there are a lot of competition. You on the other hand didn’t finish it, so you turned into a life of crime since that is the only thing that you know. Marconi was the one that gave you the chance to become one of them. You need to deal with Johnny Boritano and take out the rest of his gangs. You got accepted tot eh family because you have proven yourself. Now, you need to finish the job before the guy leave the city.

Your popularity has grown and you have gained some recognition. Now, the boss really looks up to you. He wants you to be one of his bodyguards because he knows that you do the job. You did your job well and you got a bonus because of that. Your boss is happy that he is now safe in Chicago. Now, he is planning a bank robbery and you are in his plan. You would be the one that lures the cops away for it to succeed. Now, more than ever, your boss relies on you as you need to rob the federal armored truck. The government has put a bounty on your head, so things are a harder now. But, you know that you have a better position in your organization and they would never let you down.

In this game, the idea is to get to the finish line safely. There would be lots of goons following you and you need to put them down. You would earn some money from ding the missions and you can also pick up some cash along the way You can use the money to upgrade your car and the proceeds. The game gets harder as you make some progress.