Mario World 2 Game

Mario is back for eh second time to the mushroom kingdom, but this time everything has change. King Kuppa has finally triumph and has taken not only the kingdom, but the world where in the kingdom lies. This means that there would be more trouble for Mario since Kuppa’s armies have ballooned and they are stronger than before. Well, sort of since there are other guys that are stronger and they are under the command of Kuppa. For sure, the first thing that he would want is to eliminate Mario. The brothers would have a hard time saving the land as Kupppa has escalated his campaign against the brothers.

The Kuppa has clearly occupied the world and this time, he would stop at nothing to get the brothers. This time, it would be dangerous for the brothers as the world is against them. It’s both of them against the world and there would be no help since the mushroom people are too afraid to go against their kin. They would be outlaw if they go against the will of teir king. Don’t’ know how Kuppa has done it, but what is important is that Mario need to stop Kuppa from ruling the land or there won’t’ be any safe haven for them.

In this game, the idea is to get to the nest level. You can do that by going to the last pipe that would lead you to the next stage. Of course, things would be even harder as you make some progress. That is expected and you can’t do anything about that except to accept it. You would do a lot of jumping in this game just like the old game. You need to really be active and focus on this game else, you would end up dead. Glad to say that you have an unlimited life in this game, so you can try and try again.