Mass Mayhem Zombie Apocalypse

The zombies were just a mutated human as the world is coming to an end. No one was prepared for it, so when it comes, everyone was shocked, but you manage to survive long to build a fortress. Most of your family and friends are already dead, so leaving the fortress isn’t an option. Besides, you manage to salvage lots of so food before the apocalypse. You won’t need to look for supplies for a year. You don’t know what is installed for you outside your home. Those zombies are coming and you need to protect your home, at least, that is what you know right now.

Each day more and more zombies manage to get to your home and you need to eliminate them before they could eat you up. That is the only option that you have since those undead can’t be reason with. You know that the moment that you got bitten, you would turn into one of them and that is something that don’t like. Besides, before you turn into a zombie, you would surely lose some of your flesh for the zombies since they would at least you up first before you can turn intone of them. Imagine, you getting eaten up even if you are still alive. Certainly, that is the worst faith that you could think of, but that won’t end there as you would turn into one of them. Soon, you can’t think and you would be among the zombies that would want to eat other people.

In this game, the idea is survival and you need to make sure that those zombies won’t be able to get you. You start off with a shotgun in your hands. You would earn money once you have killed one off those zombies. Are you ready to survive?