Mighty Knight

The Doom castle is the source of all the monsters that has been harassing the land of the kingdom and thus, the king want it to be destroyed. However, it won’t be easy since there are lots of monsters living there. He therefore order his army to destroy it, but only a few brave men accepted the challenge and thus, they become the warriors of the light. The champion has several accomplishments so the king id pretty confident about him. He knows that this guy won’t fail him as he has tried his service as a soldier before. Back then, he was only a rookie, but he accomplished several task for the king.

The monsters need to be stop as they are scaring the people of the castle and the people can’t stand it no more. They need to go to their work else they can’t be paid, but the problem is that they are too scared. This has reached the king and now, he wants to make sure that those monsters would trouble the good folks of the kingdom no more. The knight have receive several gold as he can use it in anyway as part of his payment for the job. The rest would be given after he accomplished his mission.

This game is played with a keyboard and the idea is skill all the monsters on each stage. The game would become even more dangerous and harder as you make some progress. If you see on the ghost on the battlefield, don’t be scared as that would bring you lots of gold. You just need to beat it and you would get the gold. The gold is useful for upgrading so beat all of them to make sure that you would have more than enough gold to buy those upgrades. You might not know when you would need the upgrade. And for sure, you’d need them so keep on upgrading your character.