Papa's Freezeria

Summer is here and most people just want to stay in a cool dry place. But, of course, summer is also the time to find a perfect spot to cool off since it is very hot. Nothing could be more perfect than the beach, but since the price is expensive, some people can’t go there. They would need to find other ways of cooling off and that is where Papa comes in. He knows that a freezeria would be a perfect business in time for this summer. Most people are staying at home, so a nice sundae would be great for them. Of course, you can get those from Papa’s freezeria. On the other hand, you want to earn some money this summer and the freezeria next door seems like a perfect opportunity.

You first thought, that is would get hard to get accepted since the owner is pretty meticulous, gut you were lucky that time as the owner was thinking of having a vacation. He hires you to get his time off away from the business. You know that this would be a perfect time for you to earn some money this vacation and you would be damned crazy if you would let this opportunity go away.

The game is played with a mouse and the idea here is make the customer happy, in short you would need to crate their favorite sundaes according to their likings. Each one of them, would have their order and you need to list them first. You would be then off to the build section, wherein you can build their base sundaes. After that, the toppings would come as you would need to choose the toppings that is ordered. Mix it well and put on the toppings of their choosing. You would earn some tips depending on the quality of your service.