Papa Wingeria

You are busy resting at your house when suddenly, you heard someone knocking at the door. You were sleeping that time and it is clear that you are in a bad mood when you open the door. However, your anger quickly disappear when you learned that you won something. Soon, you were riding the bus. You know that you are going to the fair and that is what you are hoping for. Upon arrival, you noticed one of those roulettes and when you tried your luck, you won. Papa Louie was happy with you, but the prize is not something what you have expected. It is a job at Papa Louie newest restaurant. Anyway, you don’t have a job yet, so why not. Besides you would be earning money during your vacation.

Your job is selling chicken drums that is presented in a peculiar way. Of course, no one would buy it if it’s not presented in the best way possible. In short, it is about presentation. The better you present it, the more the customer would like it. Besides, there are a lot of restaurants serving that same chicken to their customer. What would you think would make them come back?

This game is played with a mouse and the idea here is get some tips from the customer. Overall, you would rely on your service. You would cook and present it in the best way that you can. You need to at least satisfy your customer with your service for them to give you a tip. That won’t be easy, especially each guys have a different taste. Collect the tips that you got and you can use it to buy additional items for the store, which would make you get more customer or the waiting time would be extended.