Plants Vs Zombies 2

Things change as no one could predict the future. Whoever knows that there would be a zombie apolypse someday certainly don’t’ bother to tell other people about it since almost everyone got surprise one day when the first zombie came to be. They just thought that he was just sick and he needs some attention. When the nurses attend to him, he bite them all and in time, those nurses join the army of the undead. Soon, the whole town was infected by the zombie virus and there were literally zombies everywhere. People can’t go outside to do their thing anymore as they were scared. Then one day, a farmer found out that the plant are fighting the zombies and they are very effective. Since that day, many people are planting some plants in their garden as they know that it can help them get rid of the zombies. However, the zombies are evolving as they seem to develop some brains. Fortunately, the plants too are evolving as they fighting power has become better. The only problem is that you would need some money to plant those plants that fight zombies and people can’t make much money since they can’t go outside. Fortunately, the farmer is well ready for this as he was planting the whole time before the zombie apocalypse happened. This game is played with a mouse and the idea here is to erect some plants in front of the yard to act as your defense against the zombies. Those plants would do the fighting for you. All you need to do is to plant them to where they would be most effective and you can sit back and relax. Each zombies that the plants kill would give you money and that would be sue to buy more plats that can be erected on the front yard.