Pokemon Tower Defense

Professor Samuel Oak has been an expert in Pokemon. When you need something explained, you need to go to him and you would be enlightened. One morning, you got awaken by your mom and told you to come to the professor’s lab as he wants to give you something. There you found out that you are about to receive your first Pokemon. Inside the ball are very special Pokemon and you might not see any of them in the wild since they are from other regions of the world. You were busy with your Pokemon that you aren’t aware of the danger that lies elsewhere. A group of thugs are up to no good and they are after those pokemons.

The have his drowse and when he found a group of Rattata, he told them to invade the lab. The two were sent in by their boss. They are planning something big. Meanwhile back at the lab, the two were having a chat when a huge explosion outside startle them. Immediately, Oak went on to investigate and when he saw the huge number of pokemon outside, he immediately suspects that they are after something. He didn’t’ know what they want, but he believes that they are after his cadies. Oak don’t want to give it up so he told you to prepare for a fight.

This gam comes from the very popular cartoon show. The idea here is to fight those nasty pokemons. You would need to use your pokemon in order for you to be able to fight back. No, you can’t directly attack the other pokemon. You would need to summon your pokemon and use his attacks to for the battle for you. The idea is to defeat the other Pkemon and possibly catch them. Immediately recruiting them to your side. The game become more interesting as you explore other area of the game.