Rich Cars

You are one of the bachelors in your group and most of them have married. Now, it is your time to get married as you are the only one left that is not married in your group. With your good looks and money, it is not easy to find one that would say yes since you are known for being a playboy. |You have dated a lot of girls and they all want one thing and that is your money. They want you are their sugar daddy since you can provide them with anything that they would want. This makes you a highly wanted bachelor. It is a good thing to get a girl, but this won’t impress some girls that are on the right track and that is something that you would want on your side one day.

It is a great thing to be young and wild since you can enjoy your money to your heart’s content, but we can’t stay young forever and at some point we need to marry. This is the part of our lives that we should start a new life together with the one that we love. However, that would be a problem if we don’t’ find the one for us. For some people, they find it as soon as possible, but some are not that lucky since it is hard to find a love one. That is the reason, why most people would go a dating spree just to find the love of their life.

In this game, the idea is to get to the finish line as soon as you can since this game has a timer and you need to reach the finish line before your time expires. You do have a rocket in this and you can also activate your booster to help you with some part of the game.