Royal Warfare 2

Long ago, the Black Order brings chaos to the land that everyone was shaking on their knees. They bring chaos to the land appearing from a secret portal from no one knows. They raised the undead from their graves to help them in their quest. The realms was plunge into death and war. The people got fed up and decided to band together in order to defeat the undead king. Each was once again brought the lands. However, rumors were arising that the Black Lord was again active somewhere. This could only meant that the portal is opened once again. The creature from the dusk are free to enter out world once again.

Corvinus decided to report a small group of warriors near the designated location. The task was to retake the caste and they were successful. They decided to land in Myrdal castle in order to take teleportation beacon so it would be possible to teleport a large group near the area. They never expected an attack from the back so they got surprised by the enemies. After the battle, they have decided to investigate the subterranean levels and to their surprise, there was an ancient catacombs hidden there. The path lead to a bridge that goes in the cave. It was there that they found the Black Order. They are still alive after all these years.

This game is played with a mouse and the idea here is to protect the gate to the lands. You would need to assign some soldier to defend the lands. Each soldier got their own ability. You would need diverse soldiers as that would heighten your chance of winning. The game gets intense as you make some progress. Upgrade the necessary soldiers since that would spell the difference between victory and loss. As you make some progress, you can summon more soldiers to the battlefield.