Save the King

The king is the center of all and through him, a country might rise or fall. If the king is gone then the whole country would fall. Fortunately, the king knows almost everything and that is why his subjects are very happy. Everyone knows that the king is the ruler and therefore tells the country what to do and he needs to be great else, his Kingdome would fall. The king is like that, but someone wants him out to the kingdom and has therefore organize a group evil men to seize him. The kingdom would fall and they would need to find another king. This is what his brother is waiting for and he would like nothing else than to be the next king.

Those men ar ruthless and they would fight to the very end, so the knights were dispatched. IN case, you didn’t know, these guys are brave and strong. They can take on the evil men who kidnapped the king. They are not after any treasure, so the knight are really in for a big battle. However, the knight is in deep trouble as he was caught in some traps that the evil men had setup. The king is guarded by the evil knights and these guys would stop at nothing to make sure that the good knight would fail.

This game is played with a mouse and the idea is to save the king, but it would be a long time before that happens. Meanwhile, you would need to go as far as you can. There would be series of quest and you would need to live through it all. There would be always blocking your way and you need to go to heights to reach the top. You would need to use your brain to get to the very end.