Strike Force Kitty League

Everything is hard in this world and so the kitties found it the hard way. They thought that they would be able to get the championship when they join the league. However, what they fund out tis that it isn’t easy at all. They have been badly beaten and has since forgotten their quest. The old kitty give up on his dream and he knows that one day, some new kitty would continue on their dream. One day, while attending to his grandchildren, he told them about his dream. The children want to be like him and try this world of league. They have prepared for it by training hard each day.

The old cat was very serious and he help the kids train at the gym daily. He motivated them to become soldiers and they have progress really good. The kids were excite on their first match, but upon entering, they found out that it is really hard. They got beaten up, but they didn’t lose hope. The next day, the old cat motivated his team back to work out. More than ever, the little cats knew what they are doing since they have the experience. It got headline and everyone now knows of it. They eat lots of food so that they would have the energy to train. The cat are on the last standing and they want to go up the ladder someday.

This game is played with a mouse and the idea here is to beat up the opponents in the league. You would control several cats and you would be the one to train them so that their stats would go high. Upon training, their stats would go high and they would be ready for a fight. However, it would be your decision to fight. The enemy would have weapons, but you can steal them if you beat them.