Strike Force Kitty

The kitties were a peaceful race and they have live that way for centuries. They don’t want to go to war since they don’t want to hard others. They believe that war is not the solution and would have find something useful instead to do. However not all in the animal kingdom think like them such as the foxes. They are very greedy and are sly. They capture the lively princess of the kitties to hold her for ransom, but when the King Cart finds out about it, he decided to go to war and told his underlings to go all out to save the princess.

The foxes are not going to give her without a fight and would even send some minions to crush the kitty army. As the kitties’ marches on, they decided to steal some of the wardrobe and weapons that they could get their hands on so that they would have a chance against the foxes. Those foxes would not just easily give the princess without a fight since they would get something out of it if they are successful. Since then, both sides are at war and they don’t’ want to give up. They would fight for what they believe in, even if that means that they would have to sacrifice for it.

In this game, the idea is to save the princess, but that would be a long run. You need to get as far as you can. The distance that you can travel depends on the stamina of the kitties. You can improve your stamina by collecting fishes. Milk can extend your time for a short period only. Grab the key if manage to see it since it would help you to open some chest, which might contain something valuable. The game gets exciting as you push forward.