Tom and Jerry: Mouse Maze

You know, there are 2 little friends from the cartoons; Tom and Jerry! These 2 guys have different adventures and they fight against each others. Now, it is time that you can play with them in different places. On your mobile phone, smart phone or tablet, whatever you have as a mobile vehicle, just play this game andfeel the entertainment.

In this game, Tom and Jerry: Mouse Maze adventure, there are some levels which are played by Jerry. This little Mouse must collect all of the cheeses on the flours. Small cheese slices are not enough; big ones must be taken by Jerry. But pay attention; there are some dangerous things on the flours. So, by using your finger, you can get rid of these dangers and take the cheeses. Time is important, you must be careful and also faster!

This mobile Tom and Jerry: Mouse Maze game will make you happy after passing all levels one by one.