Volley Bomb

Being a soldier is a serious thing since you would need to fight with the rebels. You could lose your life fighting with them and they would also lose their life if you need to kill them doing your job. No one can condemn you on what you are doing since it is your job and you do need to do your job. As a soldier it is your job to make sure that there would be no rebels. If you have to, you would need to kill some people same thing goes with you since you can die in the battlefield.

Life is full of surprise as you don’t know when you would die. It doesn’t mean that you can kill anyone you want since you are just doing your job. No one has the right to take a life, but if you don’t have a choice then you need to do just that as your life in on the line. You could lose your life if you would not take their life. That is who a war goes and so you need to understand that there are no good or bad in such war situation. But, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have some fun while you are on the field.

In this game, you do need to protect your base, but you don’t hold a gun. Instead, you would be playing baseball with a twist. The twist is that you would be sing bombs instead of baseball. Don’t worry you would not die if the bomb explode. Your goal is to make sure the bomb explode on the other camp. You need to toss the bomb to the other side to do that. There would be a scoring here in this game and you need to make more goal then your enemy to win in this game.